“House Made of Glass and Stone”

A standalone spicy romance with a happily ever after, House Made of Glass and Stone is my first work, it was published just a few days ago by Hedonism Hill Press. I’m a new author, but writing has always been my passion. I love LOVE, and telling stories that are real—but also heartwarming—has always been my goal. Click on the image below to pick up a copy. For Prime and Kindle Unlimited customers, I’ve allowed lending and it’s available on Kindle Unlimited to read for free (with your subscription to the service, of course).

Stay home, stay safe, cuddle up with a furry—if you have one—and enjoy


After only three months of marriage, Laila is ready to call it quits. The man who swept her off her feet apparently no longer exists. Her husband’s heart, it seems, really is carved out of stone.

Yet, Aurick refuses to let Laila go.

Aurick has been struggling with the primal urges Laila stirs within him, urges he’s nowhere near to coming to grips with. For a man who has prized cold calculation above all else, being confronted by such powerful emotions is more than a little disturbing. But, when confronted with the possibility of losing Laila, and the realization that compartmentalizing his need for Laila has driven her to a dark edge…

Well, a heart made of stone apparently does bleed when cut by fragile, beautiful glass. Now, all Aurick needs is one more night to prove to her that love beyond all reason is something he intends to wholeheartedly embrace.

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